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Money Shouts ... We Walk...

In a recent article that covers a topic I have long wrestled with, Kim Phillips-Fein explores two recent books exploring why, in the face of an ever-declining middle class, so few people are organizing to improve their lives. The article is "Why Workers Won't Unite."

One of the issues that struck me is how we have moved so strongly in the direction that only people with money matter.

At every level of our society today, the idea that only people with money matter is confirmed daily. From the kind of health care that we receive, to the schools our children attend, to the parks near our houses, our segregation by wealth renders a common social experience nearly impossible.

Everyone else gets to dream of the day when they will matter. But in present trends, fewer and fewer people will have the money to matter because more and more of the gains in the economy go to a tiny minority.

Beagles in the Snow, 2014

Conner and Moxie playing in the snow. Full gallery here and some highlights on Flickr.



Dogs of December, 2013

The dogs of December - Conner and Moxie, with some Bitzi squished in. Full gallery here and some shots on Flickr also.



The Dogs of Summer, Harder Edition 2013

When Michelle and I spent Independence Day up north with her parents, we had some great opportunities for lots of dog photos with Conner and Moxie, still relatively new to us. We also did some target shooting. The full gallery is here and a lot of the doggie photos are also available on Flickr.






Glacier National Park and Flathead Lake Lodge Photos

In one of the best events I have been asked to participate in, I joined a group of people for a weekend at Flathead Lake Lodge in Montana to discuss campaign-finance reform research and efforts. While there, many of us took a short hike on a trail at Glacier National Park. At the dude ranch, they had an adorable foal. Full photo gallery here and some highlights on Flickr.



Christmas Photography, 2013

Check out these ghosts of photos past... Christmas 2013 photos! Full gallery here.





Winter Wonderland with the Harders, Feb 2013

Michelle and I headed up north to visit her parents in February after a wonderful snow. As is often the case, the photos of me should be credited to Michelle. The full gallery is here.





Visiting Kansas

Over Presidents Day weekend in 2013, Michelle and I drove down to Lawrence, Kansas, to visit our friends Russell and Rebecca as well as their children Henry and Rosalyn. Good times! See full gallery here.




New England Travel, 2013

When I had a bunch of work events scheduled fairly close to each other in New England and New York City in 2013, Michelle and I decided to take some time in between for some traveling and hiking and then we dropped in on Autumn and James. Full gallery here and a few highlights on Flickr.





Thanksgiving Family Portrait, 2013

Family portrait series from 2013. Full gallery here.


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