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Mercury in High Fructose Corn Syrup

Mercury is one of the those substances which is dangerous in any amount. And it collects. It isn't like Vitamin C, which has practically no residence time in the body (you need more vitamin C every day). Mercury hangs out. And if something eats you, it gets your mercury.

Knowing this, one would think that common foods and drinks would not have even trace amounts of mercury in them. This is why we have a Food and Drug Administration, right? This is why generally trust the food we buy at the supermarket - because someone, somewhere is making sure the stuff we can buy in the supermarket isn't poisoning us (assuming we use it responsibly - remember, there is no responsible amount of mercury in your daily diet).

So it with some surprise that high fructose corn syrup sometimes has mercury in it. Whoops. As if there were not enough problems with high fructose corn syrup, now we find that manufacturers sweeten it with poison.

Hat tip to moldy blue cheese curds.



I recognize that there are so many food products being created and put on the shelves every day that the FDA can't keep up, but stories like this suggest that we need the FDA to keep up. I wonder what would happen if we required new food products to be analyzed and approved by the FDA prior to being sold...

Good idea, but...

Hell, the United States does not even require new chemical compounds to be studied for safety before being released.