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Babypalooza Photos

We held the first Mitchell-Geiser-Ruch Babypalooza in June at the infamous Club Ruch in Pennsylvania and it was wonderful. Full photo gallery is available here.


2016-06-28 14.44.20a.jpg




Creating Blind Spots

From David Frum, a Republican reflecting on the ongoing destruction of the Republican party in "The Great Republican Revolt."

Against all evidence, both groups interpreted the Tea Party as a mass movement in favor of the agenda of the Wall Street Journal editorial page. One of the more dangerous pleasures of great wealth is that you never have to hear anyone tell you that you are completely wrong.

Unfortunately this also appears to be a blindspot of the Clintons - they surround themselves with people that either are afraid to tell them when they are wrong or simply see the world the same way. As I have built a staff, one of my goals is that those around me are not afraid to tell me when I am wrong. And I encourage them not to take it personally when I disagree. And time will tell who is right.

Future of Cities and Cars

As cars are automated and no longer require drivers, the impact on cities will be significant. Not just because of congestion in the streets, but by freeing up a ton of space currently wasted on parking. The implications are fascinating... and discussed in this Mother Jones article.

Jackson as a Meme 4

I've started posting photos to Instagram as SportShotChris.

2016 03 - I see dead people -700px.jpg

2016 03 - totally-milked-out-700px.jpg

2016 03 - camera anon -700px.jpg

With special appearance by Baby Morgan!
wanted morgan poster 700px.jpg

Jackson as a Meme 3

2016 03 - fireplace baby -700px_0.jpg

tummy time bush olc -700px_0.jpg

2016 03 - king size bed - 700px.jpg

2016 03 - pooped your bed 700px.jpg

Goooood Moooooorning Jackson!

Jackson as a Meme 2

like father like son -700.jpg

tummy time bush olc -700px.jpg

tom brady babysitter-700px.jpg

baby clothes jackson - 700px.jpg

crikey -700px.jpg

A Heron on a Golf Course

While shooting a round of golf, a spied a pretty bird. Below is the best shot I think, but two others here and Flickr.


Prairie Dogs at the Zoo (again)

Not for the last time... some Minnesota Zoo Prairie Dogs! Full gallery here. Most of them also on Flickr here.

2015-06-06__prairie dogs__0037.jpg

2015-06-06__prairie dogs__0065.jpg

2015-06-06__prairie dogs__0100.jpg

2015-06-06__prairie dogs__0141.jpg

Dashing with the Doggies

Michelle and I took Conner and Moxie to the Pet Haven Doggy Dash, where we elected for the 3K option. The full gallery is here.




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