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Ruchs in Minnesota

Kimmi's wedding gave many people a great excuse to come out to Minnesota and spend a few days at Club Mitchell. Aunt Cheryl and Jabbour were also there as we announced Michelle's pregnancy the day after the wedding. Full gallery is here.





Jackson as a Meme

Been having some fun with photos of Jackson to send Michelle at least one fun photo every day now that she is back at work...


2016-02-26__jackson__0111- 700px.jpg

2016-02-24__jackson__0090- 700px.jpg

2016-02-26__jackson__0102 - 700px.jpg

Michelle and Cuddly Conner

Photos from a day when Conner was feeling especially cuddly on the couch. All photos here.



Visiting Austin, 2015

Before a work conference in Austin, Michelle joined me for a fun weekend with the Klinks! Full photo gallery here.




Jackson's First Sleep Hug

After months of waiting, Jackson finally fell asleep in a good position for us to pose him for our own selfish fun...


Visiting Amsterdam and Bruges

After being asked to speak in Brussels, Michelle and I figured it would be a good time to spend some time in Europe on both sides of the speaking engagement. For the most part, I decided to relax rather than focus on making photos but what I did do are available here.

We spent a few nights in Amsterdam, Brussels, and then the stunning Bruges (where the night canal photo below was made).




Bruges, Belgium

I also made a few videos to show some views from the trains we took. Starting with leaving Amsterdam.

While in Bruges, we went up the famous Belfry of Bruges and timed it to hear the bells ringing.

And finally, a bit of the view from a train leaving Brussels, I think.

Thanksgiving Photos - 2014

Celebrating Thanksgiving with the Mitchells - full gallery here.





Pacific Northwest Roadtrip - 2014 Vacation

In an epic 5,000ish mile roadtrip from Minnesota to Oregon and up through Jasper in the Canadian Rockies, Michelle and I got to see great friends, incredible natural beauty, and listen to hours upon hours of podcasts. Heaven. All the photos are here and select photos are on Flickr.










Science and Technology

From 1990, by Carl Sagan...

We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology. This is a clear prescription for disaster. It’s dangerous and stupid for us to remain ignorant about global warming, say, or ozone depletion, toxic and radioactive wastes, acid rain. Jobs and wages depend on science and technology

26 years of stupidly ignoring the science of global warming. But the larger point of being science illiterate is well illustrated by this passage:

As we settled into the car for the long drive, he told me he was glad I was “that science guy”—he had so many questions to ask about science. Would I mind? And so we got to talking. But not about science. He wanted to discuss UFOs, “channeling” (a way to hear what’s on the minds of dead people—not much it turns out), crystals, astrology. . . . He introduced each subject with real enthusiasm, and each time I had to disappoint him: “The evidence is crummy,” I kept saying. “There’s a much simpler explanation.” As we drove on through the rain, I could see him getting glummer. I was attacking not just pseudoscience but also a facet of his inner life.

And yet there is so much in real science that’s equally exciting, more mysterious, a greater intellectual challenge—as well as being a lot closer to the truth. Did he know about the molecular building blocks of life sitting out there in the cold, tenuous gas between the stars? Had he heard of the footprints of our ancestors found in four-million-year-old volcanic ash? What about the raising of the Himalayas when India went crashing into Asia? Or how viruses subvert cells, or the radio search for extraterrestrial intelligence, or the ancient civilization of Ebla?

The original is here.

Christmas 2014

The last Mitchell family Christmas without children. Where Kimmi and Mike announced their hitching. Where Michelle and Jim took a photogenic walk with the puppers. Some of the dog photos are on Flickr and the full gallery is here.









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