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Younger Kimmi Birthday

Birthday! At Mike and Kimmi's!



Ruchs in Minnesota

More Photos from two years ago! Fun travels on the North Shore and grilling!






2011 Family Photos

From the never too late department, I am once again plowing into the family photo backlog. Photos from visits with Michelle's parents and family throughout 2011 are now live in the gallery as are some Banjo photos.





Struggle for Freedom

If there is no struggle there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom and yet deprecate agitation are men who want crops without plowing up the ground.

Frederick Douglas

Soccer Photos

I'm going to try to do more posting this year of my photo highlights. The gopher soccer home opener had a number of great opportunities for photos - see the full gallery here.


Do you Know What Drowning Looks Like?

I didn't. And since I like getting crazy in the water, people around me should know.

Drowning doesn't look like drowning. Key take away: ask the person if they are okay. If they respond, they probably aren't drowning.

Flying Across the St Croix

Last night, John launched me off a beauty of a wake from a passing boat. This is what I love about tubing - flight!


Thanks to Michelle for pulling off a tough photo!

Call Me Maybe Mashup Heaven

This has been a great morning. I was listening to the Slate Cultural Gabfest podcast when they played the possible "hit of the summer" song, Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen.

I was hooked. The video is even better and has an amazing twist at the end.

Apparently, fellow Canadian Bieber (Carly comes from the great northern maple leaf nation as well) was inspired to do a lipsync to it, which is maybe this one? I gotta actually do some work soon and can't spend any more time watching these videos just now.

But Slate also mentioned that NPR personalities did a dramatic reading of the song and I had to listen. Well worth it - after listening you should make a contribution to your local station because these people are hilarious.

Finding that led me to an NPR video of Lady Gaga's Telephone song.

Seriously, support public radio.

And go buy Carly Rae Jepsen's song - it is a great song for any day with blue skies.

Update - Jimmy Fallon is awesome.

Then came "Call me Gaybe" - watching these videos popping up makes me so excited for how the Internet allows this creativity and that we are moving toward a society where we aren't wasting time on hating on gays, blacks, etc.

Then the dogs got into it...

The Complicated Challenge

In reading an article about International Relations in The Atlantic, I came across this quote that struck me (as someone who often answers questions by saying, "Well... it's complicated...")

As Huntington once told his protégé Fareed Zakaria: “If you tell people the world is complicated, you’re not doing your job as a social scientist. They already know it’s complicated. Your job is to distill it, simplify it, and give them a sense of what is the single [cause], or what are the couple of powerful causes that explain this powerful phenomenon.”

And though I think Huntington was wrong about just about everything he said, I think this insight will stick with me. Things are complicated but eventually we do have to act.

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