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Learning to Love the New Media

I have long been discouraged by how easy some (Fox News) are able to spread lies and disinformation. How does one counter the rampant disinformation and misinformation in modern America? Obama is a Muslim Socialist from Kenya... Saddam Hussein attacked the US on 9/11... Our taxes have never been higher and we are taxed to death... Scientists are divided over global warming... and so on.

And how do we usually respond to this all-too-common conventional bullshit? By trying to use actual facts and logic as though anyone cares about those things. I think James Fallows, from a recent article in The Atlantic, offers an alternative approach.

“But what if the answer to a false narrative isn’t fact?,” Denton says. “Or Habermas? Maybe the answer to a flawed narrative is a different narrative. You change the story.” Which is what, he said, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have done. They don’t “fact-check” Fox News, or try to rebut it directly, or fight on its own terms. They change the story not by distorting reality—their strength is their reliance on fact—or creating a fictitious narrative, but by presenting the facts in a way that makes them register in a way they hadn’t before.

I'm going to keep this in mind and try to come up with some better narratives.

A Good Baseball Photo

I like this photo from last Sunday.

Macalester Baseball Photo

Mitchell Golfing Goofs

For Father's Day 2010, we went on a golfing spree. I'm a terrible golfer - the worst of the bunch. But we had a good time. Kim lost a ball - a pink one at that - and daddYman almost tripped on it a few days later on the course. Kimmi took some fun shots of me - see the full gallery.




Hanging at the Harders - May 2010 Edition

Some fun photos from a 2010 trip up north to visit Michelle's parents - full gallery - with beautiful weather, some target practice, and good times on the porch.






Tech News Today Interview

A very famous person discusses community network news in the first 12 minutes of this show...

More Birds

A few shots from the backyard - a nice finch. Full five shot gallery.

Finch on a branch

Banjo in the Backyard

Playing the backyard last spring - Full gallery here.

Banjo the Beagle
Banjo the Beagle
Banjo the Beagle

Photos From a Previous March Madness

Last year, I watched a lot more games at my parents' place. Kimmi was there too cuz she got all gimped out at a soccer game. Full gallery.


Rock Climbing Photos - Red Wing 2010

A few days after our wedding, we went rock climbing down at Red Wing. Full gallery is here.





February Photos Up North

More photos from 2010 - Winter shots from Michelle's parents' place. Full Gallery is here.

Banjo runs with full flaps out... and yes, it is a cape. Incredibles be damned...





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