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Good Computer Habits

What if your hard drive crashed right now or someone broke in and stole it? Where would you be? I would be greatly annoyed, but I wouldn't lose anything because I have multiple backup strategies and use secure passwords at every opportunity.

I know people who have lost everything and yet still do not do a proper job of backing up, even though the cost is less than $5/month at most.

So if this describes you also, take a few minutes to read this excellent article by James Fallows and be better prepared for the inevitable problems you will have eventually.

If you are using the same password on multiple different web sites, especially if any of them have your credit card or banking information, you are inviting a massive headache and weeks of frustration.

I have long been a LastPass user and Fallows recommends it in his article. Take a look - it's free for most uses (you have to pay $1/month to use it on your mobile device but free for your laptop and desktop computers).

Be smart, backup and secure your data before you lose it (again).

A Great Year

Michelle and I celebrated our first anniversary today - which involved opening all the cards left for us during the reception. Thank you to everyone who came to our wedding and left us well-wishes, fond memories, and hilarious notes. It was great reading them all!

We have had a great few weeks between a camping trip to Teddy Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota and hosting close family friends in from PA to visit MN for the first time. We went up to Grand Marais and Michelle saw Palisade Head for the first time. We have enjoyed it all immensely. Photos up eventually...

Chatting in the Bigs

This was a great experience, I was invited to be on one of the biggest tech shows in the world.

The Big Day Arrives

Today is our wedding. Michelle and I are very excited, ironing out the final details. In a few minutes, we will head to the space to start setup.

By 1:30, everything should be more or less in place, with me and close friends at a sports bar near the space, watching the USA rock Ghana. After that game, we will do final decorations, set up the electronics, don our suits, and Michelle and I will tie the knot.

For all those who could not make it, we are thinking of you and are grateful for your kind notes, gifts, and cards. (Bruce Springsteen's Radio Nowhere just came on and I got energized and started dancing with Michelle a little).

Thank you to everyone that has helped out - this is incredible. Kimmi has welcomed Michelle to the family.

A Boring Presentation

I dunno who this punk is, but there's about 20 min of him yakking about broadband.

Chris Mitchell - from Geoff Daily on Vimeo.

Personal Triumphs and Rachel Maddow Commencement Speech

Thanks to Kimmi for alerting me to this excellent commencement address to Smith College by Rachel Maddow. Highly recommended.

Recent Publicity

I been a busy duder. Was quoted in a recent MPR story. And I released what we are calling my "opus" around the office.... a big damn report about broadband networks.

WCCO Interviews a Certain Someone on Broadband

Hop on over to a WCCO story on why US Broadband is slower than peer nations, and you will see me talking on the tele.

The Straight Dope on Broadband in Minnesota

I finally got an opinion piece published in the Star Tribune - In Minnesota, a de facto limit on broadband: Service across the state would be better if there were public competition.

All thoughts and comments appreciated.

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