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Now that is just funny

Loving Tim Dorsey

I've been reading my way though the Tim Dorsey mystery/thriller/funny books... of the Carl Hiaasen/Dave Barry/Elmore Leonard variety. These are among the zaniest and most fun of the genre in my humble opinion. Lots of history about Florida too. Much fun.

Just finished Torpedo Juice... which includes this awesome exchange:

The deputies backed up US 1 in their white-and-green sheriff's cruiser. Gus was driving. He kept shifting his weight. The seat had one of those wooden-bead seat covers.

"Is that thing helping your back?" asked Walter.

"Actually hurts more."

"Why do you still use it?"

"I paid for it."

Classic. And I totally do this all the time, especially with food. ... sigh ...

If you want to pick it up, go in order. I also really enjoyed Triggerfish Twist.

Bert and Ernie Navigating


And as a bonus...

Harrison Ford: Backstory

Stay in the Bike Lanes!

TnT Cheer Station, Staffed by Loonies

The Team n Training Cheer Station during the Twin Cities Marathon at Snelling Avenue. small gallery here.


Fox News: Selective Memory On Nazi Comparisons

Wasn't there a common saying that you are entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts?

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Off the Map Premiere

A friend of mine (who is crazy hilarious) is a writer on a show that premiere's tonight: Off the Map. Watch it - DVR it. Prepare for laughs.

Papa Bear's Religious Convictions

Bill O' Reilly believes in God because he doesn't know how things work. Hilarious.

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British Telecom Humour

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